ShareSync Backup and File Sharing Details

ShareSync Backup and File Sharing Details

Real-Time Backup

Because ShareSync is syncing files, it’s also able to back them up… as soon as changes are made. ShareSync also syncs and backs up more than just the files in your ShareSync folder—it also protects your Desktop and Documents folders. And unlike other online backup services, once files are backed up with ShareSync, they’re available from any device: Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and the web.

Real-Time Backup Eliminates the “Backup Gap”

Most people set their backup to run every 24 hours. But if an employee has spent all day working on a document and then loses a laptop, has a hard drive failure, or gets hit by ransomware, yesterday’s backup isn’t going to help. Unlike traditional solutions, which create gaps because they back-up on a set schedule, ShareSync backs up files in real time, every time a change is made. And ShareSync will keep an unlimited numbers of versions.

As soon as files are created or changed, they’re backed up – and instantly accessible from desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and the web. So if data is lost, it can be recovered and restored quickly – reducing downtime and keeping employees productive no matter what strikes.

Restore to Any Point in Time

Backed-up files can easily be restored to any previous versions using ShareSync in case of hard drive crashes, lost or stolen laptops, accidental deletion or mass file infection. Employees and administrators can use the restore feature to bring back files from a specific time and date.

Restore from Any Failure Scenario

  1.  PC failure, loss or theft

Install ShareSync Backup desktop client on separate machine to automatically restore files

2. Accidental file deletion

Restore file or folder from Sharesync Backup Recycle Bin

3. File Version corruption or overwrite

Restore a past version from desktop, web or Office

4. Mass infection, corruption, or overwrites of files (e.g. Cryptolocker/Ransomware)

Mass roll-back of file or folder states to past date and time

Sync What You Want with Selective Sync

Don’t need all those images and videos taking up hard drive space? Selective Sync from ShareSync lets you pick and choose what folders and files you want to sync to your device. All your files will always be available in the cloud via the ShareSync web experience.

File Sync and Mobile Access

With ShareSync, employees are able to securely work on files whenever and wherever they need to.  As soon as files are stored in ShareSync, they sync across every device where ShareSync is installed:


→ Windows and Mac PCs and laptops


→ iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry mobile devices


→ Windows Servers

ShareSync files are also always accessible from ShareSync web from almost any web browser.

Office Online and ShareSync

ShareSync works with Office Online so employees can create, edit and collaborate on files without having to open desktop applications.

Edit Files Online

ShareSync and Office Online lets you work with Word documents, Excel® Spreadsheets, PowerPoint® presentations right online.

→ More ways to be productive – edit files from any computer

→ Save time – edit files directly in the web

→ Get to work faster – create new documents directly from ShareSync

→ Reduce data loss with automatic saving

Office Online includes many of the same features as desktop versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so there’s nothing new to learn.

For employees that work from kiosks, on different computers, or prefer the web over desktop applications, they’ll be able to do it all with ShareSync and Office Online.

Co-Edit Files in Real-Time

Speed work cycles with simultaneous collaboration. Co-editing allows multiple collaborators to edit a file at the same time.

Changes are viewed in real-time, shortening review cycles so documents are finished more quickly. Annotated comments keeps feedback together with documents.

Seamless Integration with Office 365

ShareSync works with any Office 365 business plan that includes Office Online. Current Office 365 subscribers can add ShareSync to backup and securely share Office 365 files and benefit from the Office Online integration right away.

Matrix Communications Office Apps powered by Office 365 includes Office Online.

Sharing and Collaboration

In addition to file sync and file backup, ShareSync offers comprehensive collaboration capabilities, allowing employees to easily and securely share files and folders with people both inside and outside the company.

File Sharing: an Easy Way to Send Large Files

File sharing with ShareSync web links is an easy and secure way to share files, help ensure large files will be delivered through any email system, and reduce mailbox size by eliminating file attachments in email. You can automatically replace file attachments with ShareSync links directly in Outlook or you can generate secure links from Office or through the ShareSync web portal. You can also password protect links and even stop sharing links.

Folder Sharing: Collaborate on Shared Content

With ShareSync, folders are easily and securely shared with co-workers, so multiple people can access and edit the same set of content. Folder sharing saves time by not having to search for the latest version of docs or consolidate multiple revisions and shortens feedback loops. Worried about conflicts or overwrites? With ShareSync, every previous version is stored and you can roll back to an earlier edit with just one click.

Share Outside Your Company

If you have business partners, vendors, or other external parties that need to access or edit content on an ongoing basis, you can invite them to collaborate on ShareSync folders. External collaborators can add, edit, and manage content in shared folders just like internal collaborators do.

Sharing Permissions

ShareSync offers complete control over sharing permissions.  Folders can be shared with “co-owner,” “modify,” and “view” permissions.  Permissions can be modified at any time and sub-folders can be shared with different permission levels.

Share from Outlook and Office on Windows

If you’re a Windows user, you can share and manage ShareSync files directly from your most commonly used Microsoft desktop applications. This makes syncing and sharing fit even more naturally into the way you already work.

Manage Content with Selective Sync

For users that collaborate heavily, they may not want to see every shared folder in their ShareSync desktop client. Selective Sync allows them to control and simplify their desktop user experience by selecting which folders to sync on an ongoing basis. Even if folders are not synced, they are always backed up and stored in the cloud and accessible via ShareSync web.

Security Features

ShareSync is easy and intuitive for employees to use, but that doesn’t mean businesses need to sacrifice security. ShareSync offers a broad range of controls to ensure that data is protected and stays secure.

Keeping Access Strictly Controlled

Businesses have full control over who has access to ShareSync content.

→ Access and permissions can be edited, updated and revoked at any time

→ Administrators can set backup and data retention policies across their users’ computers

→ ShareSync data can be quickly remotely wiped from any device

→ Audit log tracks all file and folder syncing and sharing activities

→ Leverages Active Directory user settings, permissions and passwords

Collaboration Management Tools to Protect Content

One of the challenges with file collaboration tools is that multiple people might be working with the same file or folder at the same time. ShareSync includes a number of collaboration and content management features to help minimize confusions and , leading to potential overwrites, conflict copies or accidental deletions.

→ Co-editing and locking features help prevent overwrites and conflict copies

→ Previous file versions can be restored from the web and from the Outlook plug-in

→ Deleted files can be recovered and restored from the web or from Recycled Items

→ Disabled and deleted user data is retained and accessible by administrators for the life of the account

Built with Enterprise-Grade Security and Reliability

→ 99.999% uptime service level agreement

→ SSAE 16 Type II-audited datacenters

→ Matrix Communications is SOC 2 audited company-wide

→ At-rest data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption

→ In-transit data is secured using 256-bit SSL/HTTPS encryption

→ Each account is protected with a unique encryption key

→ Data can be remotely wiped from any ShareSync device

sharesync backup


ShareSync provides IT administrators and business managers with the ability to manage all aspects of ShareSync: users, devices, policies, files, and sharing activities. Our comprehensive administrative control panel gives account owners complete control over their file management environment.

Administrative Policy Management

Administrators can set backup policies across their users’ computers. This ensures that end-user files are backed up in real-time, including the Desktop and Documents folders as well as the My ShareSync folder.

Additionally, administrators can easily ensure that company files are backed up by monitoring activity and compliance with backup policies. Admins can also set data retention policies which allows them to control how long backed up files are saved.

Device and Storage Management

ShareSync device management allows administrators to view all devices configured for each user and see when the device last synced or was backed up.

Has an employee’s device been lost or stolen? Do you need to remove corporate data from machines belonging to an employee who’s left the company? Any ShareSync device can be remotely wiped of all ShareSync files with one click, helping ensure that critical business data can be quickly and easily removed from machines that have fallen outside of IT control.

Exert Granular Control with Admin File Management

Account owners can dive into end-user ShareSync content to adjust sharing permissions, add/delete/restore files, and search across the ShareSync folder and file structure. This feature ups the power of ShareiSync’s already-powerful admin features.

Matrix Communications Makes It Easy

Like all Matrix Communicatoins services, ShareSync comes with onboarding assistance from our Cloud Concierge as well as 24×7 support. We typically answer our phones within 60 seconds and our emails within an hour.

Matrix Communications customers can provision ShareSync in just a few clicks—with no need to adjust your VPN, firewall or security policies. If you’re not an Matrix Communications customer, our Cloud Concierge onboarding team will help you get up and running in no time.


ShareSync works with many different applications and platforms to maximize functionality and usefulness. Some integration features of ShareSync include:

→ Mac and Windows integration. ShareSync files and folders work just as any file and folder would on your PC or laptop.

→ Mobile device integration. Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry allow users to access, share and work on ShareSync files on the go.

→ Active Directory integration. ShareSync leverages corporate passwords and address books as well as your existing user and device settings.

→ Microsoft Exchange integration. Use Exchange Distribution Lists to easily share content with groups.

→ Outlook and Office integration. On Windows, our plug-ins put ShareSync right inside your most frequently-used Microsoft apps and gives you the power to co-edit files.

→ Office Online.  Create, edit, and simultaneously collaborate on ShareSync files with Office Online.

Part of Matrix Communications’s Office in the Cloud

ShareSync is integrated into our Office in the Cloud suite of services.

→ Simple pricing. ShareSync adds a flat per-user monthly fee to your bill.

→ Centralized control. All our services are managed using our HostPilot Control Panel.

→ Flexible plans. Assign ShareSync to all users or just specific ones.

→ A Worry-Free Experience™. Matrix Communications offers free 24/7 phone and chat support any time you need it.

→ Exchange Cloud Email integration. Use Exchange Distribution Lists to easily share content with groups.

File Server Sync


Get the Best of Both Worlds: ShareSync & File Servers

With ShareSync you can actively sync your traditional file server with the file sync and share platform for enhanced mobility and file sharing capabilities.

Here’s why you benefit from using both:

Add ShareSync to your file server to…

→ Enable off-site file access and mobility

→ Enhance sharing features both internally and externally

→ Collaborate on content in real time

Keep your file server for…

→ Business applications like: QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.

→ Those who want their data backed up to a local server

ShareSync File Server Sync

ShareSync File Server Sync lets you easily integrate ShareSync with to your traditional file server.

The File Server Sync application can be installed on a Windows file server and configured to sync all or a specific subset of file server content to the cloud.

The File Server Sync app can also be used to completely migrate file server content to ShareSync. With ShareSync File Server Sync, customers get the security and control of file servers with the added benefits of mobile access, enhanced sharing and real-time collaboration.

Why ShareSync?

ShareSync compared to other solutions

See how ShareSync compares to other types of file management solutions, including file servers, online backup, and other file sync and share services. 

ShareSync compared to file servers

Like file servers, ShareSync offers a high level of management and control over files and sharing. Unlike file servers, ShareSync is much easier for employees to use, especially if they need mobile access to files or need to share files and collaborate on files with colleagues.

ShareSync compared to online backup

ShareSync backs up multiple file types just like online backup services, but also provides mobile access and the ability to share and collaborate on files.

ShareSync compared to file sync and share services

ShareSync is just as easy to use as popular, consumer file sync and share services and offers comparable collaboration features of business editions, but it adds backup and restore features together with full administrative management.

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