Matrix Communications AppID Features

Simple Deployment

Whether you’re an existing Matrix Communications customer or not, you’ll find that AppID is simple to deploy.

→ Existing Matrix Communications customers: we’ve designed it to integrate with your Matrix Communications identity infrastructure. You simply click to deploy AppID to any or all users. And it’s simple to manage—no admin training is required.

→ New to Matrix Communications? No problem. It easily integrates with your on-premises Active Directory server. (If you need Active Directory, we can provide that for you, too.)

AppID is much less expensive than enterprise solutions. But looking beyond that, it’s much easier to deploy, maintain and ensure ROI on an ongoing basis.

Your Identity Infrastructure is Already in Place

AppID is built specifically to integrate with an Active Directory environment—which means you don’t need to add any new infrastructure.

The Service is Pre-Integrated

By getting your Active Directory and SSO services from the same provider, there are absolutely no integration challenges. Matrix Communications has designed AppID for a seamless experience. Just click to deploy.

You Can Deploy it Yourself

No consultants are required, and no customization is necessary. Unlike enterprise services, deployment can happen in hours—or even in minutes. If you need help, our Cloud Concierge™ team is waiting for your call.

No Admin or User Training is Required

Any admin who uses HostPilot can easily get up to speed with Matrix Communications AppID, and users find the interface intuitive and natural.

It’s Simple, Even for Non-Matrix Communications Customers

What if you’re not using Matrix Communications services? No problem. AppID can easily integrate with your on-premises Active Directory server. If you don’t have one, we can provide that for you, too.

Simple Administration

Matrix Communications AppID also reduces the burden on IT. That’s because it offers many self-service features that allow employees to perform common actions without requiring IT assistance.

Matrix Communications AppID can increase productivity across your company by letting you:

→ Centralize access to every web app. No more frantic requests from users who can’t find their login URLs or passwords.

→ Reduce help desk calls. Users can provision their own apps, reset their passwords and more—all without help from IT.

→ Give users easy access to favorites. Users can build a row of “favorite” apps that appear at the top of their Matrix Communications AppID portal.

→ Allow access on virtually any computer. Employees can access their portal from a web browser without introducing any additional security risks.

→ Offer web app access on mobile devices. Employees can use their iOS or Android devices to access the same Matrix Communications AppID portal that they use on their PCs.


Revoke Access Instantly

What if a user’s device is lost or stolen? What if the user leaves the company? With Matrix Communications AppID, you can revoke a user’s access to their portal in one click. This provides excellent protection against unauthorized access to your company’s data and services.

Two-Factor Authentication

Matrix Communications AppID lets you extend two-factor authentication, including one-time passcode, text message or phone call, to protect access to sensitive applications for all employees or just a subset of them. You can also configure the session timeout period, so you can control how often users have to re-enter their Matrix Communications AppID login credentials.

In fact, logging into Intermedia AppID just got more secure and simpler to access. Intermedia VeriKey app, for iOS and Android, provides an easy advanced two-factor authentication (2FA) via push notifications.

All you need to do is download the VeriKey app from the Apple app or Google play store. The next time you log into Matrix Communications AppID – after authenticating with your current 2FA method – you’ll have the option to choose from a push notification or one time passcode (similar to Google Authenticator). Once you select push notification and the Verikey app is installed, you’ll receive a push notification to allow or deny access to Matrix Communications AppID. It’s that easy. No more 6-digit passcodes to access Matrix Communications AppID!

Compatible with 1,500+ Web Apps

For employees, AppID offers one-click access to virtually any web application, regardless of whether it’s delivered from inside or outside your datacenters. AppID provides single sign-on for:

  • Business applications (Salesforce, Quickbooks, NetSuite)
  • Social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Cloud-based collaboration platforms (JIRA, GitHub)

We’ve pre-configured more than 1,500 web apps to save you time during setup. But AppID can support virtually any web with relatively minimal effort on the part of the administrator—including apps you’ve developed internally.

This includes:


→ Social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer)

→ Webmail applications (including Yahoo, Hotmail, Google Mail)

→ Cisco Webex and Citrix GoToMeeting

→ Workday, Ceridian and other HR apps

→ Development tools like JIRA, Codesion, Appaloosa, CloudBees, and TestFlight

→ Oracle On Demand

→ Adobe Creative Cloud

→ Microsoft Office 365

→ Microsoft Windows InTune

→ Google Docs

→ Google Apps

→ NetSuite

→ Huddle

→ Any proprietary web app

→ And thousands more commercial web apps

Mobile Access

AppID offers an app for iOS and a Firefox browser extension for Android. For both these mobile platforms, employees get one-touch access to their web-based services.

→ Simple to provision. The iOS app is available in Apple’s App Store, and Android users can download the mobile browser plugin by logging into AppID using Firefox and clicking the link.

→ No more typing long URLs. AppID eliminates the frustration of mobile logins and passwords. It gives employees one-touch access to their business tools from their mobile device.

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