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The Matrix MiVoice 5380 Operator is the perfect assistant for small and medium-sized companies.


Retaining a clear overview and connect incoming calls in the shortest possible time is a priority in Call Centers, as are small companies where several duties are carried out as well as call handling. Hence it is even more important that the switchboard functions are designed to be simple while at the same time being clearly presented and efficient. The Matrix MiVoice 5380 Operator Phone offers full functionality for the professional handling of calls in small and medium-sized companies.

All incoming calls are clearly displayed in detail on the large extension display module. As soon as the call is accepted, all details about the caller are available on the large telephone display. Now all the important functions can be called up directly using the intelligent Fox key.

If team keys are allocated on the extension display module, the LEDs integrated in the keys indicate whether the specific employee is currently busy or free, or whether he/she has an incoming call. External calls are indicated by a red LED and internal calls by a green LED.

The Matrix MiVoice 5380 Digital Operator Phone is especially adapted to meet the requirements of an attendant switchboard in small and medium-sized companies. At the same time it was very important to ensure that the call management could be arranged as individually as possible.

If the need arises (e.g. at a heavy call load), the call handling can be distributed to several employees. All operators can simultaneously access the calls, accept them and connect them on our operator phone.

Where several companies work in the same premises, they can share a common attendant switchboard. Incoming calls are displayed in such a way that the attendant can answer them with the specific company name.