Cloud Server Details


Fixed monthly pricing

Nothing constrains cloud usage like the uncertainty of metered billing. Cloud Server’s pricing creates predictable costs that encourage you to fully utilize your cloud environment without worrying about unexpected charges. It also simplifies ROI and cost-of-ownership calculations.

Built for many common apps

Most applications that run on your on-premises server will run on Cloud Server, including QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Project, CRM software, medical record software, legal services software, and many more.

Engineered for availability

Cloud Server delivers a 99.999% service level agreement and offers a best-of-breed approach across every layer. Our datacenter is SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II compliant. Our network security includes fully isolated tenant networks for every account. And VPNs and integrated perimeter firewalls come standard.

Configure your architecture

Cloud Server offers a range of configurations. And while each can be customized with additional memory, processing, storage and bandwidth to fit your specific needs, every environment includes 99.999% service level agreement, firewall, VPN, nightly backup, and more.

Easy to deploy and manage

Cloud Server lets you deploy VMs in just a few clicks. Your VMs are pre-configured to help ensure your time is spent building your assets, not constructing your environment. And management is simple, using the same online control panel that you use for provisioning—and for controlling your other Matrix Communications services.

On-prem levels of control

Cloud Server offers full control of your cloud environment. This includes command line access to your virtual machines, customizable firewalls and site-to-site VPNs, and more. But it doesn’t require you to learn unfamiliar technologies or systems.

Dynamic scalability

Deploy efficiently around your existing needs, instead of overprovisioning—and overpaying—to hedge against future growth. Cloud Server makes it fast and easy to scale both horizontally and vertically directly from your control panel, without requiring a redeployment.